Jesse Jungkurth has been writing songs since the dawn of time. He resurrected some of the world's best dead musicians through dark necromancy and formed his ace backup band, The Patron Haints. After single-handedly preventing 9/11 in an alternate reality, he has returned to this plane of existence and released his solo record "Sideways in Time"  in 2015 with the goal of bringing the healing and redemptive power of rock and roll back to the people. 

Jesse Jungkurth and the Patron Haints are about to release their first EP as a unit and will be touring heavily to shove it down as many ear holes as humanly possible. 

Setlist - Murphy, NC 7-6-16 

Chevelles 66 - Murphy, NC 7/8/16 

(Set one:)
1. Too Cold To Cry 
2. It’s Gone 
3. Run and Hide
4. The Losing Game 
5. Down In The Flood 
6. Something 

7. Sideways in Time 
8. Honey 
9. Trouble 
10. Whiskey 
11. Mark of the Beast 
12. Don’t Forget About Mister Brown 
13. Sinnerman 
14. Wishes 

(Set Two:)
15. The Good Times Are Gone 

16. Next Time Around 
17. Hey Pocky Way / Fiyo (feat. Jon Wimpee) 
18. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) 
19. Chase The Devil  
20. Wiser Man Than Me 
21. Hotline Bling 
22. Bottom Bitch 
21. Whiskey Bent and Hellhound 
22. Girth Blues -> Back on the Road -> Bend Down Low -> Cornerstone 
23. Honey (Reprise) 
24. Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat

*First time performing: Honey, Mark of the Beast, Sinnerman, and Hotline Bling
*Back on the Road played in a radically different slow and swingy blues vibe

New Music!! 

We've been deep in the tank working on some new material and it's very close to being ready. We're super excited about it and wanted to share one of our new tracks with you. We summoned up the spirit of Danny Federici and laid down a blue-collar road song straight out of Jersey we called "Something". 

We can't wait to play it (and maybe a couple other new ones...) for you live at Nightfall in Chattanooga, TN this Friday (June 24th) and then again at JJ's Bohemia later that night. 

See you soon! 


Embed for Something

Happy birthday, Cecelia!  

Today (barely making it) marks the third birthday of a very special little girl who is currently very happy and healthy. In honor of her, we're posting "Cecelia" from our recent show in North Carolina.

Enjoy, and please take some time and consider becoming a foster parent if you think that it's something you're able to do financially and emotionally. It is incredibly difficult, but incredibly rewarding. Making a difference in a child's life is the biggest change we can impart upon the world. 

Setlist - Murphy, NC 3-25-16 

Set One:
1. It's Gone
2. Whiskey
3. Mary Jane's Last Dance
4. Good Times
5. Cover Me
6. Dead Flowers
7. A Pirate Looks at 40
8. That Girl
9. Cecelia
10. Whiskey Bent and Hellbound
11. Dancing In The Dark
12. Josephine
13. Down In the Flood (Crash on the Levee)

Set Two:
1. Rocket Man
2. Too Cold To Cry
3. Back on the Road
4. Are You Ready For The Country
5. Fat Bottom Girls/Feel Like Making Love
6. Sideways in Time
7. Jam -> Sleep Now in the Fire
8. Drunken Poet's Dream (feat. Bill Myers)
9. Alcohol and Pills (feat. Bill Myers)
10. Trouble
11. Under The Sea
12. God Don't Make Lonely Girls

1. Let's Get It On (feat. Adrian Lajas)
2. Wagon Wheel -> Don't Stop Believing -> Freebird
3. Mandy Ray
4. Smashed a Hood Rat

Second Encore:
1. Fourth of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)
2. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
3. Outlaw
4. Prove My Love

Free download! 

A lot of you guys were digging on a new song called "Trouble" we played on Friday night at Granfalloon during the Road to Nightfall competition. While the actual studio version of the song will be released as a part of my reggae band The Iscariots' record "Backwards Country" (coming soon!!), I had such positive feedback from so many people that I wanted to share a better quality version with you. This is from our rehearsal last night, so it's rough around the seams, but seeing as how that's how we like our coffee and our women, we figured it'd be good enough for you. If you missed the Road to Nightfall performance, you can watch it here!!

Enjoy it in good spirits, friends!
Jesse and the Haints

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